iron/fox – Ontogenesis – Debut Album


The debut solo album from IFKY founder Aaron Irons available exclusively for a limited time. Limited quantities of this rare album remain and once they are gone they are gone forever. Get yours today!

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The debut solo album, Ontogenesis, from writer/director Aaron Irons under the name iron/fox can be heard in multiple films in the IFKY lineup. This record, released in 2014, is available only on this website and is no longer in print, so once they are gone they are gone forever in physical form! Get yours today and be sure to make a note if you would like it signed or not.

Track listing:

  1. Gravity
  2. Born of My Chemistry
  3. Hemisphere
  4. The New Ice Age
  5. New Year Song
  6. Nocturne
  7. The Harvest
  8. Snow
  9. Ontogenesis [something beautiful]
  10. ‘Till the Day is Through

Ontogenesis by iron/fox was released September 16, 2014.

All music and lyrics written and performed by Aaron Irons.

Drums by Justin Fox.

Additional background vocals by Laurel Lane, Larissa Maestro, Jasmin Kaset, Jay Stoyanov, Marshall Weber.

Vocals on Ice Age by Laurel Lane.

Recorded and mixed at Battle Tapes, Nashville, TN by Jeremy Ferguson.

Mastered by David Vandervelde


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Additional information

Weight1.1 oz
Dimensions5.5 × 5 × 0.12 in


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