As we close out the end of our festival run this year, lots of people have been asking what the plan is for this film in regards to streaming and physical media. Right now we are in a processing phase with FilmHub to get CHEST out to streaming services, with TubiPOV Horror, Screambox, Apple TV and more! The plan is to have CHEST up and available to stream by the first of next year or earlier, but we will notify everyone via our Instagram page and this News page when official “go live” dates are finalized. So follow us and keep up to date with everything CHEST!

In addition to streaming, we are working hard on a DVD/Blu-ray release that will be full of all kinds of special features, artwork, and generally a really nice package for all of you collectors out there. If we are going to do a DVD, we want it to be something for which you get your money’s worth and will stand out in your collection. This is also scheduled to be available the first of 2023, and will only be available on our website as a limited run release. If demand is high enough we will print more as requested.

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